Cuboak : Modular furniture

Assemble and disassemble the wooden planks to infinity with a solid metal assembly system, easy to use and reusable ! No need to throw your furniture if you don't like it anymore or if it's broken. Just reinvent a new furniture from the boards you have !

A rich and colorful universe !

Like many modular systems, Cuboak offers many forms of wooden planks. They will be square, rectangular, triangular etc. We also offer many colors for the metal rods or for the wooden planks, to allow you to adapt your furniture based on the design of your home. Finally, accessories (feet, handles ...) will be available to enhance your experience "Cuboak".

Imagine your furniture online !

With our future configurator (click here to try it) on the website, you can let your imagination by stacking the planks to create your furniture that you need, while live seeing the result. You can choose different forms of boards and different colors.